Included In Our Self-Storage Management Services:
Self Storage Management Services  ‣ Marketing & Advertising
‣ Monthly Employee Training
‣ Bookkeeping
‣ Collections
‣ Self Storage Auctions
‣ Company Policies
‣ Accounts Payable
‣ Payroll
‣ Monthly Management Reports
‣ Bonuses
‣ Budgeting
‣ Employee Retention
‣ Employee Background Checks

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Eim Storage Property Management

Self Storage Management Services

 Our self storage management services are the most sought after in the self storage industry. Serving the western United States, Northwest and Hawaii.

EIM's self storage managers are the best at what they do and were the industry (Mini Storage Messanger) 2007 Manager of the Year, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up !  Just one Company !  All EIM Hired and Trained Employees ! Never achieved in the industry....EVER !

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