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Self Storage Consulting We offer many SELF STORAGE CONSULTING SERVICES for the self-storage industry. Here are some of the more common services we offer:

Facility Evaluations
We can provide you with an evaluation of your self storage facility including your company's exterior streetscape, office appearance, efficiency, employees, maintenance items, customer service items and day-to-day self storage facility operations.

Feasibility Studies
EXCELLENCE IN MANAGEMENT performs SELF STORAGE FEASIBILITY STUDIES for clients looking to purchase a self storage property or develop a new storage property. We scrutinize the competition, analyze the demographics and current market conditions, traffic counts, unit mix, rents and other important aspects specific to the self storage industry and the market area.

Employee Evaluations
Our self storage management team utilizes SELF STORAGE MYSTERY SHOPPING, PRE-EMPLOYMENT EVALUATIONS, as well as SELF STORAGE TRAINING WEBINARS and SELF STORAGE TRAINING MATERIALS. A comprehensive physical evaluation of your business' appearance and your employees' sales and service techniques is offered with this self storage service.

Competitive Analysis
Our SELF STORAGE COMPETITION ANALYSIS will provide you a report on your competitors' salesmanship, prices, and self storage specials along with their self storage facility features & benefits.

Customer Satisfaction Program
This program is designed as a way for you to get feedback from your self storage customers. Your storage customers contact our professionally trained self storage customer service representatives to handle complaints and concerns, leaving your self storage managers to handle the important daily storage operations at your self storage facility.

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